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Pieter Burger

I am a musician and composer living in Dublin, Ireland. That’'s what I am at heart; a musician, although I suppose like most independent artists, I have to engage in other activities as well to make a good living.

I went straight to music college after school, and played guitar and wrote songs for a number of bands in the mid-1990’s. The 1990’s was a complicated time for a guitar player. Glam and hard rock (even heavy metal) was where the money was at, so that'’s what I did and things were going well, that is until Nirvana came along…... Still one of my favourite bands, they did change everything and the style of music my band was playing at the time became obsolete overnight. (Same thing happened to many bands, e.g. Giant, Skid Row, Poison, etc. but that’'s all in the past now.)

Back to the present, 15 years later and all grown up with a wife and child, I wanted to capture the experience of settling down and family life through music and I recorded “Pilgrim’'s Rest”: a few simple emotional instrumental tracks. It was meant only as a gift to my wife, but through her encouragement I ended up releasing it publicly and the positive response awoken the old dreams and fuelled the old fire…...

I am at present engaged in a number of musical projects again, ranging from commercials and children’'s music on one end to heavy rock on the other (which has made a comeback!) but this ongoing instrumental project is still dearest to my heart and closest to my passion, and I share it with you gladly.

© Pieter Burger All rights reserved

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